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They put the spark in me....

... and now all it does is burn.

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The following is the better part of the application for aternatopia

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Name: Spike, aka William the Bloody

Age: Approximately 150-160 (turned into a vampire in 1880, and his exact age at the time is unknown). Apparent age is late twenties/early thirties.

Physical Appearance: Spike stands at nearly five-foot-ten and has a lean, toned body. He has surprisingly bright blue eyes and short, bleached blond hair (that some have called “radioactive”), though his natural hair color is light brown. He bears a v-shaped scar over his left eyebrow, as a souvenir from the first Slayer he ever killed. His vamp-face (the demonic face a vampire wears when it is about to feed or is otherwise in an antagonistic mood) consists of yellow eyes, marked ridges along his brow, and fangs.

Education: Spike came from a very well-to-do English family and had all of the best tutors when he was young, showing an interest in literature (particularly poetry). After he was sired by Drusilla, his education came from surviving more than a century on his own with nothing but his own cunning.

Occupation: When alive, a struggling poet. Former Big Bad. Former member of Buffy’s Scooby Gang. Formerly affiliated with Angel’s crew at Wolfram and Hart. Former champion of the world.

Significant Other: While he’s still in love with Buffy Summers, he’s learned to let her go. He’s rather liking the single life, actually.

Sexual Preference: Identifies as a heterosexual, but he has been known to experiment in the past and once even hinted at having a fling with Angel, back when they were both evil.

Character Biography:

History: William was a young man living in Victorian England with his ailing mother. After being turned down by the woman he loved, the scorned writer tore up his poetry and ran out into the street, directionless and alone. It was in this melancholy wandering that he attracted the attention of the vampire Drusilla. She immediately took a liking to him and turned him into a vampire. William then took on the name Spike and joined Drusilla’s sire Angelus and his sire Darla in terrorizing the world.

Fast forward about 120 years later, and Spike and Drusilla have begun causing trouble for the current Slayer, Buffy Summers. However, Drusilla soon realized that Spike was beginning to feel for the Slayer and left him. After an unsuccessful bid to get her back, Spike immediately butted heads with the Slayer, slowly coming to the horrified realization that he was indeed beginning to fall in love with her.

Not seeing him as a threat and needing to vent her frustrations, Buffy eventually began a violently sexual relationship with him. She made it quite clear that she was only interested in the sex and didn’t return his love, since a creature with no soul doesn’t really know what love is. Angered by her coldness, Spike attempted to force himself on her in an act of desperation. Afterwards, aghast by his actions, he fled to Africa.

It was here that he underwent several trials and acts of torture at the hands of a demonic shaman, earning back his human soul. The return of his conscience and morality drove him temporarily insane but, after returning to Sunnydale and to Buffy, she sets him straight and gives him a purpose. Though she never returned his love, she came to trust him enough to call him a champion. In return for her trust, Spike sacrificed himself to destroy the minions of the legendary First Evil, happy to die for the cause.

However, his death wasn’t permanent. Returning as a ghost before becoming corporeal, Spike joined up with Angel (the ensouled, “good” version of Angelus) and his team in Los Angeles. Continually proving himself to be a hero, Spike remained by Angel’s side even as Angel’s allies were killed or abandoning him in the wake of the upcoming apocalypse. When he became separated from Angel in the final battle, Spike was taken by his enemies and allowed two choices: live by their rules or die.

He agreed to their terms, secretly hiding benevolent demons and human refugees from the wrath of the evil Senior Partners who now ruled Los Angeles. He was soon found out and was forced to watch the people he had attempted to save be viciously tortured. Wracked by guilt, Spike fought his way out of Los Angeles, barely making it out alive and his sanity hanging by a thread. Between running like mad and hitchhiking, he eventually found himself by a sign proclaiming his location: Aternaville.

Personality in seven words or less: Snarky, resilient, loyal, aggressive, blunt, anti-hero

How Others Perceive Your Character: You’d see someone who you might not want as a friend and definitely don’t want as an enemy. Once you get past the brash exterior, though, he doesn’t seem all that bad.

Beliefs, Convictions, Morals: People always change, for the better or the worse. So long as they’re still fighting the good fight, nothing else matters.

Reason(s) for Escaping to Canada: Right now, he just needs to set up temporary house. He’s been scarred physically and mentally, and he needs to find a place untainted by apocalypses before he tastes insanity again.

Their DHAs [Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations] for Canada: Keeping a low profile until he’s healed enough to take on the Senior Partners, maybe even finding a way to organize a search for Angel, Illyria, Gunn, and other members of Angel’s team that may still be alive.

Twenty-Questions for the Characters:

1. What turns them on: A decent brawl, alcohol, cigarettes, and sexy women.
2. What turns them off: Pretentiousness.
3. Would they see a shrink: More often than not, I end up playing the bloody shrink… though a crazy one, at that.
4. Worst Childhood experience: Watching my dad die of pneumonia at the age of four.
5. Favorite Film: Pulp Fiction and anything else with a lot of sex and violence.
6. Favorite Song: “Early One Morning” makes me think of my mum, though I really like the Sex Pistol's version of "My Way."
7. Favorite Word: Ambiguous
8. Least Favorite Word: Effulgent
9. Favorite Curse Word: Bugger. Or sod. Or bloody. Hell, Americans have got a few corkers, too.
10. Best gift ever received: Buffy’s trust.
11. Sound or Noise they hate: The sound of blood rushing through a person’s veins. You hate what you can’t have.
12. Sound or Noise they love: Bones breaking, so long as they’re not mine.
13. Do they know the answer to 64 million dollar question: No, but I can pick the lock of the safe in which the money’s stored and no one would know until the majority of it has been spent on booze.
14. [Complete the sentence] ... All the world's a stage...: “and the playwright’s a sadist.”
15. Did Yoko Ono really break up the Fab Four: What, you never heard of the Yoko Factor, mate?
16. Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee: Bruce, of course. How is that even a comparison?
17. Half full or half empty: If it’s whiskey and within my grasp on a bad day, it’s all empty.
18. Coke or Pepsi: Rum and Coke.
19. If they were a Jellybean flavor, which one: Licorice. Not too many people like me, but the ones that do are crazy about me. ...and I like the color black.
20. And, finally, if Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? “All right, this time, you stay dead. Fred's down this corridor, Joyce has some hot chocolate waiting, and your mum wants you to pop in and say hello.”

((This is a roleplaying journal only. I am not Spike nor am I James Marsters. Spike belongs to Joss Whedon and James belongs to himself, as it should be. Unless otherwise stated, all journal entries herein will be for the community aternatopia.))